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Natalie N. Patten, Michelle L. Gaynor, Douglas E. Soltis, and Pamela S. Soltis


gatoRs (Geographic and Taxonomic Occurrence R-Based Scrubbing) provides users with tools for downloading and processing biodiversity data. Click here for more information.



Quick Start

Our package aims to streamline downloading and processing of biodiversity specimen data. Here is a quick example of how to download and clean with our package.

Step 1: Download

galaxdf <- gators_download(synonyms.list = c("Galax urceolata", "Galax aphylla"), 
                write.file = FALSE,
                gbif.match = "fuzzy",
                idigbio.filter = TRUE)

Step 2: Clean
- We do not recommend jumping to our full clean function. See our extended introduction here!

clean_data <- full_clean(galaxdf,
                         synonyms.list = c("Galax urceolata", "Galax aphylla"), 
                         digits = 3,
                         basis.list = c("Preserved Specimen","Physical specimen"), 
                = "Galax urceolata")

The gatoRs logo was created using the hexSticker package (